Thursday, June 4, 2009

Did last night last only 5 minutes?

I’m tired, exhausted, drained, beat – no, really…

Kevin, Tyler & I were enjoying a beer after work last night and trying to decide what we wanted for dinner when Tyler got a phone call from his supervisor at work, “we need you in Atlanta tomorrow” was what he told him. We thought he’d be home all summer, but there is a repair job and they need him!
Okay, so we go online, book the airline ticket and start laundry. The evening became longer than normal *sigh*

After the ticket has been secured and the ‘checklist’ of things he needs is run through, he realized that his company badge and his hardhat and his phone charger is in his truck, which, coincidently was taken to the repair shop to get a dent fixed earlier in the day. We called the repair shop (at 11:45pm) hoping someone might be working late – unfortunately not. We, our neighbor who used to be married to the repair guy’s brother, called the repair guy at home (about 12 times) no answer! So, I called the secretary of the repair guy at home (I apologized over and over and over again). She met us at the repair shop so Ty could collect his stuff!.

Kevin will be taking him to the airport – hey, I think right outluod “I bet Cayden would love to go to the airport and see the airplanes”, there I go suggesting things again….Lindsey brought Cayden over, he’s going to go along!
I played with the very wound up Cayden &let him use permanent marker, I folded laundry, packed Ty’s suitcase and got everybody tucked into bed.

The alarm went off at 3:30, I woke up Cayden, got him dressed and popped him into the carseat. The car is loaded and off they go to the airport.
I snuggled back into bed and reset the alarm for 5:30 so when Lindsey arrives to drop off Gabriel, I can use her car to drive her to work so I have a vehicle to take Gabriel to daycare and get myself to work. I get back from dropping her at work, reset the alarm for (the third time) 7:00 so I can get up & ready for work. Gabriel (thankfully) fell back to sleep in Nana’s bed!

I was awakened by the ringing phone, Cayden LOVED the airport. We have no photographic evidence, because Kevin left the extra batteries in the camera case in the car and didn’t realize the ones in the camera were dead until they were in the terminal!
They hung out in the airport for a while and then Kevin & Cayden said their goodbyes to Tyler and headed back home.

Kevin took Cayden to Lowe’s to look for pond lighting, stopped at the Harley Davidson shop in Albert Lea and then called to say they were about 90 miles from home!

Then, about 10 minutes later Kevin called me and said they were headed back to the airport! Tyler’s plane was broken down and he wouldn’t be flying on it. When he told his boss that he couldn’t make it today, the boss said to just get there by Sunday!

So after jumping through hoops, racing around like crazy people, waking people in the night to unlock doors in order for Tyler to arrive in Atlanta today, Tyler switched his flight, called his dad who turned around & headed back to the cities to pick him back up.

Tyler now will be home until Sunday – which, ain’t all bad! Man, I love that kid!

Did I mention that I’m tired!?

Well, it’s my life!

Until next time…

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