Wednesday, June 3, 2009

List of 8 ~ with a BONUS!

1. We (Kevin & I) got a new entertainment surround sound system from our son Tyler for our anniversary. It’s an early gift – our anniversary is in 2 weeks. 26 years – wow, time flies!! We didn’t get it hooked up yet because we need an extra thing-a-ma-jig to get it working (I’m super technical, as you can tell). We’re glad that Tyler will be spending (hopefully) the majority of the summer with us!! He is thinking about getting his motorcycle permit so he can ride our ‘extra’ Harley!

Thanks Ty! I love you! As you can see, I stole borrowed a picture of yours from Facebook!!

2. We snuggled both boys this morning in our bed. It is “normal” for Cayden to crawl in between Nana & Papa, but this morning Gabriel was fussy (which is NOT “normal” for him – he’s usually always happy) so we popped him in with us too! I love those guys – even if I wake up with milk in my hair from their bottles &/or sippy cups!

3. We have three Harley Davidson motorcycles. A 2003 Hundred Anniversary Edition 883 Sportster (she is for sale – if anybody is interested $6,600 {that's sooo ChEEp); a 2003 Hundred Anniversary Edition 1200 Sportster and a 2005 Dyna Super Glide. I get to ride “whichever one I want” – ‘cause, I pay for them! I love my bikes. This is one of my favorite places to shop.

4. My gas light in my Durango came on again today. I have gotten used to the dinging of the ‘low wash’ light but today I heard two dings – and notice the gas light on again. That car is such a gas guzzler, but, it’s paid for so I can’t justify trading it in and having another car payment! I hate payments!

5. I’m two days behind in my invoicing, that’s not uncommon at the beginning of the month! I guess I should just get used to being behind – my vacation is coming up (July 31 – August 9, I’m going to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota). There is nobody here in the office who knows how to do invoicing, close day procedures or month end and getting statements out. My boss told me yesterday that he thinks it might be okay if I close the month of July after the 30th so it is done and statements are ready to go before I leave on vacation….ugh….I was hoping SOMEONE would step up and learn the procedures so I’d not have a 6 day pile up of invoices when I return…no luck – evidently!

6. It is a sunny day and tonight I’m going to try to finally get our trench dug. We’re digging a trench between the house and garage so that we can run a gas line out their so it stays warm in winter for my Harley’s! Kevin won’t let me bring them into the house for winter – imagine that?? We started digging the trench last September, and it’s time to finish it wouldn’t you think!

7. I am so not ready for my Lia Sophia party on Saturday, I was hoping that it would be warm weather and I’d have the party out on the deck. Well, according to Kevin (who watches the Weather Channel – ALL the time) it’s going to be cold and rainy on Saturday morning. So, I have a house to clean, laundry to fold, dishes to do, counters to clear off – oh man, that’s going to take forever – any offers of assistance would be greatly appreciated! At any rate, if you’ve taken a look at their site and see something you simply cannot live without, pop me an e-mail and I’ll gladly take your order!

8. Our recycling can is usually fuller than our actual garbage can. I can take full responsibility – my beloved Amber Boch bottles take up a lot of room. Maybe this is where I should enter a ‘list within a list’ of my favorite beers/drinks: Michelob Amber Boch (tied in first place with a Screwdriver – not picky about the Vodka, but Absolut is good), Leinenkugel 1888 Boch, New Belgium Fat Tire, Modello, Corona (with a lime), Leinenkugel Caramel Boch, New Belgium 1554. That list within a list WAS the bonus – so, if you were looking for something extra special cool as the bonus, I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you!!

Until next time...

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