Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My grandson Cayden had his dentist appointment yesterday (which I’ll discuss in another post), at the operating room – because of his heart condition…

Cayden was born with a heart condition – namely, Aortic Valve Stenosis, he was diagnosed when he was just a few minutes old.

His cardiologist, Dr. Stamato, is a wonderful pediatric cardiologist here at Sioux Valley Children’s Clinic in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She has always explained everything about Cayden’s condition very thoroughly to us so we fully understand. She is patient with us and the millions of questions we initially asked and she continues to work closely with our local Sanford doctors to make certain they are abreast of what is going on with Cayden also.

I recall several scary moments that my daughter went through with Cayden, when he was so tiny. The procedures, the possibility of immediate surgery, the tests… And I remember wondering ‘why him’? why her? And, looking back – I realize it was (and continues to be) in God’s hands.

Cayden has regular cardiology check-ups and they will continue to monitor his valve, heart and overall condition, and Cayden will someday have to have a procedure done – called Balloon Valvuloplasty you can read more about it here

I like the way Dr. Stamato explained it…”I don’t have a crystal ball, he may have the procedure when he’s six, or sixteen or sixty – or something in between, but he will have to have something done – we just don’t know when”. We pray it is much later, when he’s older, rather than sooner.

I just read MckMama’s latest post “Peace in the storm” – I just think how unfair life seems sometimes. Little Stellan is a trooper and he’s heading to Boston! I will continue to pray for his recovery as I’d like to request you do the same!

I pray that all parents of children with heart conditions (or any condition – for that matter) can find MckMama's “Peace in the storm”!

Until next time…

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