Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

The week of babysitting Cayden and Gabriel has come to an end. Their mommy, Lindsey (& Dave), got home from the Bahama’s cruise yesterday!

During her absence Kevin & I had a great time (mostly) with the boys.

I did not entertain the boys by allowing them to play (and get their clothes really dirty) in a big pile of dirt – which happens to be right next to a 3 foot trench (which, thankfully they didn’t fall into) – No, Not Me!!

I did not let Cayden pick whatever he wanted for lunch and ultimately serve him cheese sandwiches made on angelfood cake! And I would never allow Gabriel to use the steak knife to cut his corn dogs up with just to avoid another screaming fit (I mean, cute little tantrum, which would only make my already bad headache worse)!! No, Not Me!

I didn’t stay in my p.j.’s, and keep Cayden adorned in just his diaper – and Gabe in a t-shirt while wearing Papa’s Harley Cap - on Saturday because we wanted to be cozy all day. …No, Not Us!!

I did not put Gabriel into the laundry bag, because it was super funny and made us all laugh looking at him through it. He loved being swung from papa to his mommy...laughter filled the room. We'd never put the funniest baby in the world into the laundry bag for our selfish humor. Nope, Not Us!

And, we would NEVER take a trip to Saint Paul (3 hours in the car with two little children) just for dinner and to spend an exorbanent amount of money just to see our fantastic 3rd born son Dayton and enjoy the wonderful food offered at his restaurant...okay, it's not his - but, he is a contributing chef there! I would NEVER spend $5.50 for a beer, and DEFINATLEY not 3!! No Not Me!

We would not continue to pray for Stellan and the whole MckFamily every day (except we do). I don't think about Stellan, Jennifer, Prince Charming, and the other many small children almost too often...No Not Me!

There, I've been brutally honest and think you should do the same! It's so refreshing to unload like that, almost theraputic!! :) Have a great week!

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