Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Morning Conversations

I was awakened this morning, the first time with “Mom, the boys are here!!” being shouted up the stairs. Shit, I overslept.

Luckily I was able to get the boys back to sleep, Gabriel all cozied up in his crib and Cayden snuggled in between Nana & Papa.
I was awakened later by Gabriel. I heard his sweet voice, having a conversation, “oof – oof – oof” as he is barking to the puppies on his p-jams. So cute.
I looked at the alarm clock. Shit, I overslept – again!

I called in to work to let them know I was running behind. That is never a good conversation to have with your boss 5 minutes before you’re supposed to be at work!!

After showering, dressing myself, I got Gabe ready for daycare! Our conversation went something like: “come here Gabriel” I gave him the once over with the baby wipes, new diaper, “stay put Gabriel” on with the jeans, (now take them off), snap the onesie – “sit still Gabriel” , back on with the jeans (over the onesie this time), socks “Pew, stinky” (as I sniff his adorable little feet to make him giggle), put on his sneaks – “good job Gabriel”. He is always so happy in the morning, not much help with dressing….but, happy.

Now, next is Cayden. I go scoop him up, carry him downstairs, pull off his puppy p-jams (they dress alike a lot), change his diaper – he’s beginning to wake up, not a morning person (a lot like Nana). He asks me “Nana, is it morning-time?” I answer “yes, unfortunately it is”. I put on his jeans and his brand new shirt with the gecko’s that change colors when exposed to sunlight – mommy brought it back from her vacation. I put on his socks & sneaks and then he asks me “Nana, can you pick me up from Cara’s today?” I tell him “your mommy will pick you up today but, that Nana will come over to your house when I get off of work”, he says, “Okay”. I put on his jacket and he asked me, “Nana, can I bring all of my aminals (I didn’t spell it wrong, that’s how he says it) to Cara’s – even my dolphin?” I say “certainly”, we brought them all! On the way to the car he asks “where is Papa”, I tell him “Papa is at work”, he says, “I want to see Papa”. I tell him “I’ll bring Papa when I come over after work”, he says, “okay”. We continue chattering all the way to Cara’s house. He woke up in a good mood today and we had a nice conversation!

Life is good!

Until next time…


  1. LOL!! ok I love your blog and I have to say. when you asked me to be a friend on facebook my first thought was.. shit.. shes gonna find out I am not really a nice girl.. I curse lol.. not so worried now. :o)~ nice to meet ya!!