Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crazy Knife Wielding Scavenger

Weird. Really – it was…

Twice a year Waste Management (our garbage collection company) offers “city wide clean up”. Well, thankfully they do – because twice a year (although it could be more often) is a good start to cleaning out all of my years and years of acquired clutter!

Anyhoo… I started making a pile on the front boulevard: old car seat, broken highchair, small refrigerator (which would be perfect for your garage – hopefully someone picks it up, it is in working condition – or else they will charge me to take it!) … back to the point…I made a large pile of stuff. Cayden & Gabriel were being so ‘helpful’ while I carried stuff out. They rode their bikes and played with the ‘garbage’ – who knew that the exer-saucer is still a fun toy even after they’ve outgrown it!

I brought the boys inside for a bite to eat and while slicing the Velveeta (they love cheese) I noticed a “crazy knife wielding scavenger”…rummaging through my neighbor’s pile of stuff that they’d put out on their lawn! She really did have a knife! I wasn’t really weirded out at that point, but then I noticed the “crazy knife wielding scavenger”… moving to my other neighbor’s pile, the neighbor right NEXT DOOR to me. Again, out comes her knife. Did I mention that she had a big knife – now that it was closer, I noticed just exactly how big it was!! I observed her…she was cutting the electrical cords off of all appliances, toasters, hair dryers, steam/vacuum cleaners, anything with a cord…. And, now she was moving towards my REFRIGERATOR !!

REMEMBER – IT STILL WORKS (and would be so perfect for your garage – for SOMEONE to pick up and take home and love – REMEMBER …. or else I get charged by Waste Management for them to take it!!)

“NO…”CRAZY KNIFE WEILDING SCAVENGER”….YOU CANNOT CUT THE CORD OFF OF MY REFRIGERATOR!!”…. After all, it’s MY garbage – right?? Okay, I’m thinking to myself – self - who’s the crazy one now… Well, I told her – scared her off to the next pile across the street. My refrigerator complete with cord – untouched!

Okay…it gets better – or weirder, however you look at it....

I evidently wasn’t the ONLY one who noticed her knife – someone else called the authorities! The next thing I noticed are 2 Sherriff cars, 2 City Police cars – 4 officers total – AND the neighbor (who lives across the street, who coincidently is also a Sherriff) all of whom are now out chatting with the “crazy knife wielding scavenger!”

She, apparently, was not merely a “crazy knife wielding scavenger” …rather she was a “crazy knife wielding scavenging recycler” and was collecting electrical cords to recycle the copper inside the wires!

So, the authorities made sure that she was NOT the one who recently ‘knocked off’ our cities water department – taking all of the copper wires from all of the water pumps at our water maintenance facility. Evidently she wasn’t that crazy – and so, much to Cayden’s dismay they let her go – he really wanted to see all those police use their handcuffs…but, that’s an altogether different post!!

Until next time…

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  1. that is crazy. Thankfully all the person wanted was electircal cords and nothing else. Hopefully someone took your fridge so you didn't have to pay for it to be disposed of.

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