Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some things bug me ~ and some things don't

Last night I was talking to Lindsey on the phone when her boyfriend Dave and Gabriel drove up in front of our house. Lindsey wondered what they were doing there, because she was in the middle of making dinner and had sent him to the grocery to pick up a few things!
Well, Dave unloaded Gabriel from his car seat and helped him deliver these…

It was a super sweet gesture!!

Because Gabriel cannot articulate his feelings yet – remember he’s still at ‘oof oof oof’ talking to the puppies on his p-jams? – Dave simply said, in his best ventriloquist for Gabriel voice “here Nana these are for watching me when mommy & Dave were on vacation!”

Don't they look like they were having fun?

Wow, I told Lindsey that I already liked Dave & he didn’t need to bribe me with flowers.

This is what bugs me – Lindsey had been married to a creep very immature man boy, who did sire her children, and for that I will be eternally grateful, however, he never brought me flowers!!
He, come to think of it, never brought Lindsey flowers!!

Dave definitely doesn’t bug me!

Until next time…

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