Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fishy Fishy Fishy

Memorial Weekend plans changed, we didn’t go camping, it was kind of rainy & cool, and Gabe had pink eye (and, Papa got it too – Gabe shared!), but we did go fishing.
We fished at Fox Lake, and caught nothing but Cayden found some dead minnows which were ‘fishy’ enough for him!

We fished at the Des Moines River (at Ashley Park), and Cayden ‘caught’ his first ever fish. A Bullhead…it was spotty dotty – and we threw him back into the river.

We fished at Loon Lake, and Cayden ‘caught’ his second fish. A Bullhead…it was pretty nice, we would have kept it, if we would have caught enough for a meal, but it was the only catch of the day – so we threw him back into the lake.

Better luck next time...but, for his first ‘fishing weekend’ Uncle Ty helped Cayden catch 2 fish!

And an amazing thing happened over the weekend.
I (with a LOT of help from Kevin) got the fish pond cleaned out.
We’re on the hunt for underwater lighting – anybody know where we can get our hands on some?? As soon as we get the lighting in place we can fill it up and go find some fish. I think we’ll try to find a Koi this year!

So, there you have it – all the fish stories!

Until next time…

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