Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's going on in my head?

I've got a million things going on inside my head, interestingly enough, I didn't think my head could hold that much, but, anyway - I would like to put it out here and then it's out!

Item 1. I need a change.
I got to work this morning and I really just don't want to be here! It is the second beautiful day in a row and I think I should be out riding my Harley. I even went so far as to tell my boss that he and I both should play hookie, he simply said, "I have too mcuh work to do" - and didn't volunteer to just allow me to play hookie! The nerve!!
I know, as I've said before, I'm lucky in these 'economic times' to be employed, but, I really wish I were somewhere else.

Item 2. I haven't given up on my dream of living on Maui.
I think I could work at just about anything if I were in that setting! Sending resume's to every business in Maui hasn't panned out! If anybody has connections...hook a sister up!!
I have been buying a powerball ticket two times a week. I know, I should be saving that $8 each and put it in the "Maui jar", with the pennies that I mentioned in this post and I'd be closer to that goal!! Recall, I only need 32.5 million...
Maybe my luck will change!

Item 3. My pond is a mess.
I have to etch out some time - okay, I've decided tonight's the night! I'm going to get it done!

Item 4. Other people's blogs.
I follow 4 very closely and I love reading them, but, I can't compete. I had to figure out why I decided to blog myself. I don't blog for "the masses" (although if someone read it that would be okay too). I write for me. I am not terribly interesting, not well spoken (or written) as in the case of a blog. I am what and who I am and so I'll just continue to write for me. The number of people that visit may someday suprise me, but if it doesn't that's okay too. I can watch my new grandbaby grow with my new babystrology widget from my blog and I'm content with that!

Item 5. Relationships are hard.
I work at mine, relationships ARE hard, and I worry about my children's.

Item 6. Little boys.
Cayden and Gabriel - I adore them, sometimes I give in too much to them, but I TRULY can't help it. Is it turning them into little brats? There honestly is NOTHING they can do that I don't love. I have to try harder at sometimes saying 'no'. That too will be hard!

Okay, I think that's everything in my head.

Until next time...

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  1. You sound like a great grandma. I dont' know what my kids would do without their grandparents.

    Yes relationships are tough and especially for your kids with grandkids. Kids take a lot of work but I'm sure that when you babysit and give them some free time you are helping more than you know.