Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dirty Little Beggar - and, I'm NOT talking about the dog!

I recently tried to get an e-mail chain going...People don't really like chain e-mails or chain letters do they?

Well, I've decided to put a copy of the content of that e-mail here on my blog - you just never know!
and, for security reasons I've decided NOT to include my address here - but, if you want to send the penny...send me an e-mail and I'll get you the address!!

Good morning!

Well, as you all know Kevin & I recently went on a once in a lifetime vacation to Maui. And, we love the island so much that we would like to purchase a condo there. But, housing is very expensive in Hawaii!!

I heard about a kid once, who paid his entire college tuition by taking an ad out in the New York Times (or some other huge newspaper). His ad got the attention of the mass media and so on....he placed the ad asking for every reader to send him just $.01 cent because ... honestly who can't spare just $.01 cent? (he even had people sending him WHOLE dollars!)

I would like to do something similar....however, using the internet.

I'll ask you each to spare just $.01 cent - you can give it to me the next time you see me. I wouldn't want you waste your postage (that's $.42 cents - which could also go to "the cause") -
And for this to work I'll need you to simply forward this e-mail to just 10 people (or everyone in your address book) and, then before you know it this e-mail request will have traveled around the globe (and the world wide web) ..... & envelopes will be coming in from around the world containing just one small penny.....and Kevin & I will soon have enough pennies to purchase our dream home in Hawaii!

I've enclosed my address below - so people know where to send their pennies!

AND.....we only need 32.5 million pennies!

Dirty little beggar...well, I've been called worse! :)

Until next time...

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