Wednesday, March 18, 2009

50, no... 40, no... Okay…20 (Interesting) Things About Me…

I’ve read this type of list among others on people's blog pages and thought I’d try to see if there were 50 interesting things about me. Here goes nothing...

1. I love putting lots of miles on my Harley Davidson motorcycle each year – which can be a chore given the weather in Minnesota and the riding season being 5 months short.
2. I have taken classes and learned how to make stained glass pieces, I love working at anything creative. In addition to the stained glass ‘skills’ I love scrapbooking and I’ve made each of my grandson’s a quilt made out of the clothing they wore from birth to 12 months.
3. I adore the island of Maui. It is my aspiration to live there one day! See my blog about how I intend to afford my condo there…
4. I’ve had just 3 bones in my body broken. Age 3 – broken collar bone; age 5 – broken arm; age 42, 43 & 44 – broken tailbone (yup – broke that one 3 consecutive years in a row)
5. I have three tattoos. Which I designed myself – they’re unique to me and I love them all!
6. I live in the house I grew up in and have the same phone number I had when I was 5 years old. I have lived away from Minnesota but, came back ‘home’ in 1998.
7. My youngest son, Dayton was born (22 years ago) in West Germany. He had dual citizenship until he was 18 years old.
8. I am an extrovert.
9. I love the way the brown Crayola crayon smells.
10. I can mix the best Bloody Mary from scratch!
11. I was in a contest and won a convertible – it was just about as fun riding with the top down as it is riding my motorcycle.
12. My favorite color is sage green.
13. I can speak very broken German.
14. I have pretty low tolerance to alcohol. I’m pretty intoxicated after just a couple of drinks.
15. I love being outside.
16. I can type 60 words per minute.
17. My favorite outfit is jeans and a hoodie.
18. Some of my favorite moments are spent camping with my friends, playing cards/games with my children and spending time watching “Balto” (any of his favorite movies really…again and again and again) with Cayden.
19. I hate shopping. Any kind of shopping – don’t like it!
20. I am ALWAYS cold!

Well, that sums it up…I can’t think of 50 things, maybe I’ll try it another time. I may not have gotten very detailed about any one item, but if you see something and think it might be interesting to get further details don’t hesitate to ask me about it!!

I am going to try to begin participating in You Capture – it looks like fun. Now, if I can figure out my camera…..

Until next time…

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  1. LOVE SAGE GREEN! My nursery was Sage. Love it.
    But look at you blogging away! Changing your background and everything...go girl! Are you having fun yet?!?!?! I keep wanting to do one of these lists...maybe this weekend?