Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Sleep-over...

I spent the evening last night with the boys. "Gab-y” (combination of Gabriel and Baby - which Cayden has called him since birth) fell asleep at 8:30. Cayden fell asleep in my arms at around 9:00p.m. Since we babysit every morning I told Lindsey (my favorite daughter) to just let them have a sleep-over! No hesitation - she gladly agreed to leave them overnight! Saving her from taking them out in the cold after they were already cozily sleeping and then waking them in the morning to take them back out in the cold….you get it!

They both slept all night….I didn’t see them again until this morning!!

I was awakened this morning to a sweet little voice saying “Nee-na” – I responded with “Nana is in here” and Cayden came bounding into our bedroom.

He normally loves snuggling & being lazy and cozy - much like his Nana - but, this morning Cayden (commonly referred to as “Thing 1”- as coined by Uncle D at Christmastime) wanted Nana to get up!

It didn’t take long for his chatter to awaken “Thing 2” (his brother Gabriel). Well, as Papa attempted to take the boys down to begin getting ready for the day, they just couldn’t see that happening…so I had two little chaperones while I was showering!

While I was dressing Cayden told me he was “hun-ry”, of course he was!!! Ever try to convince a toddler that he is NOT going to starve to death in the time it takes to apply my mascara!! So…I am at work today with my hair NOT styled….there wasn’t time for everything – and I NEEDED the mascara!

The race began…we ran downstairs and got them dressed for the day, teeth brushed (mute point), shoes and coats on, tossed them a Flintstones vitamin and filled a couple of sandwich bags with “sugar” (a.k.a. Lucky Charms – see why brushing was mute). We arrived at day care right at 8a.m. – Nana got to work her “normal time” – 15 minutes late!!

I wouldn’t have changed a minute about the sleep-over – except next time I’ll grab a bag of sugar for Nana too!!

Until next time….

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