Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things Happen in Three's…
Some people speculate that Things Happen in Three's. This can be either positive or negative in suggestion. "Good things come in three's." - To win money once is to win it three times. On the flip side… "Bad things come in three's." - This often refers to hearing about one death as two more follow in a short period of time.

Well…here are my thoughts on the subject
I’ve had one bone broken three separate times…most recently – last night!
In my opinion, it’s the worst bone in the human body to break – there is no treatment for it, no cast available - it just has to heal on its own, in its own sweet time!

I think I’m tough; I spent 44 hours in labor once - thanks Ty, and went on to have two more children; I suffered a second degree (well maybe that’s an exaggeration) sunburn from the tanning salon - next time maximum 10 minutes paleface and I have worn those pointy shoes with the 3 inch heel for a full 8 hours….but, maybe I’m not a match for this tailbone!!

Well, I’m going to count on things happening in three’s!
That means that this should be the last time I’ll have to spend two weeks sitting on an ice pack and suffering through the embarrassment of carrying my donut to sit on work!

You don’t realize how much you ‘use’ that bone….until it’s broken.
p.s. don’t sneeze!!

Until next time…

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