Friday, March 20, 2009

Will I ever learn?


I have been wandering around some blogs this afternoon and I posed myself a couple of questions.

When someone leaves a comments to one of my blogs (which doesn't happen often - but when it does) I like to respond - but, how? If I comment there - I comment to myself not to them. What am I missing?? Man, I'm not inept, I'm just most definately a novice at this. I'll keep looking for the 'leave a comment' to the comment button...
In the mean time Mariah - thank you for perusing my list! Sage is the color of my bedroom walls and the living room and the dining room and the computer/scrapbooking/sewing room. No, seriously I love it.

How do I get a link into a post so if someone clicks on that word that is highlighted it takes them magically somewhere else? Trust me, I've tried ... and maybe it's just me?!

Do blogger people carry their camera's along EVERYWHERE they go? I have decided that I need more pictures incorporated into my blog.
This is something I'm going to work on.
1. Find my camera
2. learn how to use my camera
3. figure out how to transfer photos to the computer
4. figure out how to upload to my blog.
I better get busy - this could take all weekend (and part of next week)!

I have all of this stuff to do - I better get going...

Until next time...


  1. Wow! I feel your pain. I have many of the same questions. But for the magically going to another place by clicking on a highlighted word, I think I know the answer. You highlight the word that you want to use as a link, then click on the little green and black icon (that says link when you rest your cursor on it). Now you'll get a little popup wondow where you can type the address of the location where you want to go. Hope this works.

  2. oh oh ... I just lost my long comment. Will be back later to re-type that.