Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where have I been???

So, it has been a while since I’ve blogged and thought it was time for me to update.

The past few days / week have / has been a busy time blur.

Last Wednesday I got exactly what I needed wanted for Mother’s Day from Lindsey & the boys – my new hair dryer and curling iron. Thanks Lindsey, you’re the best!!!
The cards I got were just perfect too. The card I got from the boys was signed “Love, Cayden & Gabriel AND in really super small print – so small I didn’t notice it – at all… & “Baby #3”. Did I mention that the “The “Baby #3” was super small and I missed it because it was written super small & maybe because I wasn’t wearing my glasses…
Then after I opened the gifts & cards Lindsey bathed the boys. It was written super small and totally subtly….

So, when Gabriel came out of the tubby he was wearing a shirt that read, “I’m the big brother” – I simply asked Lindsey why Gabe was wearing Cayden’s shirt. She told me that it wasn’t Cayden’s shirt, rather they (she & Dave) had made that one for Gabriel earlier in the week!!!

DUH…Gabriel was going to be a BIG Brother….that’s how we found out she was expecting.

She then redirected my blind ass me to the card – to read ‘Baby #3’ noted in super small print there!!!

Check out the Babystrology Widget in my sidebar and keep track of “Baby #3”!!

We’re going to be grandparents again in January 2010!!

Next, Kevin & I departed on Saturday morning for a motorcycle trip to Oklahoma…yes, I said Oklahoma! We rode 688 (or so) miles on Saturday, arriving in Muskogee, Oklahoma to visit Tyler & Amanda for the weekend.

We spent Sunday at OK Castle Renaissance Festival having a super fun time. Eating everything we saw and had a couple of beers while enjoying the shows!

Tyler & Amanda got me a really cool leather beer mug for Mother’s Day, which I’ll treasure forever. I may not drink from it daily…because it’s HUGE. I’ll save it for our annual trips to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival – it will save me so (SO) many trips to buy beer!!

On Monday morning we ‘saddled up’ and rode back 688 (or so) miles. We arrived at my favorite ‘watering hole’ (Bridget’s Bucksnorts Brew-Ha-Ha and Grill) around 9:30pm to our own welcoming party – Kevin Kiehl & Stan & Shirley!! We had a few drinks before heading home for some MUCH needed sleep!

I know…that was a LONG ride just for the weekend!
People (I can’t tell you how many people) told us it was impossible to make that trip in 3 days and insane to attempt that many miles in one weekend and….on and on…..but, we made it!!!

I’m back to work now and remember why it sucks to take even just one day off – I’m backed up, behind and I don’t have the time I NEED I’d love to take catching up with other blogs I follow -- leave alone the time to focus on this one!!

I need some back up here in the office – or to find another way to earn an income working less hours and allowing more time for blogging!!

Until then…

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