Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm not a professional - but, something IS burning!

I went on a date today with my wonderful husband. Thank goodness we don’t have any groceries in the house, well, besides soup – & really, who eats soup when it’s 90 degrees outside?

Lunch at my favorite place in town, Bridget’s Bucksnorts Brew-Ha-Ha and Grill, was great. He had the fish sandwich, they got new fish – it was HUGE and hung way over the bun. I had the chislix with toast & chips. I took 4 bites of chislix, three chips and because I don’t eat bread - that’s what Kevin will have for dinner tonight (well, he'll finish the chislix also - I only had 4 bites)!

Shirley was our waitress, she didn’t drive her new-to-her Harley to work because of the wind. She was afraid it would get sandblasted – it’s super windy – excellent choice to leave it parked at home in the garage!

Kevin & I talked about our grandkid(s) (specifically the new one which will be here in January) and I got a new sweatshirt from Bridget – a new shipment came in today and she’s giving every employee one! Lunch went by very quickly, however, I got to hold my hand on Kevin’s knee the whole time we ate lunch – it was super nice!!

We’re going to forget that last night turned out like it did! Honey, I love you and I know we’re just fine – broken goose and all!

And, when our date was finished I had to come back to work for the afternoon. I’m not a professional but…there is something burning here at the office. I smelled it right away, I have a great nose for smelling stuff – it’s not always such an asset! I alerted M.R. the salesman, he smelled it also, but we cannot locate it’s origin. He alerted B.H. he too smells it but cannot figure out where it’s coming from!! Should we call the boss? Something ALWAYS goes wrong when he’s gone!! Hope the building doesn’t burn down tonight – that would be kind of cool then I could have a few days off to ride my Harley bad!!

Like I said, “I’m not a professional” and, trust me, it’s NOT a steamy, sultry, scorching hot, burning sizzling office romance either – something’s burning!

Just a post script from yesterday’s post – I didn’t get the pond drained and cleaned last night…I used the boys as an excuse – it was just that, an excuse!! I’ll get it done tonight. Promise!

If you haven't already make sure you send your "hoping in pink" photos to for Little April Rose! If you don't know April you can check out her mom's blog here!

Until next time…

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